Free Analysis Of Merchant Account Statements

Simplify your merchant account statements and save on fees with our free, professional evaluations. You could save up to 95% off of your fees.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower your monthly payments.
  • Find a processor that will deliver the lowest rates possible for you.
  • Identify strategies for keeping payments low.
  • Learn the factors affecting your current rates.
  • Gain more control over your credit processing fees.

Reduce Fees Rates And Lower
Your Monthly Payments.

BPS will review every fee you pay in order to identify, and reduce, specific negotiable rates and fee variables. Find out how your rates are being influenced by factors such as

  • The network you use
  • The transaction payment method
  • The cards used for transactions
  • Surcharge fees
  • And more

We also explain your statement to you so you can understand your fees going forward and continue to keep your monthly payments low.

Interchange Rate Variables

  • Timing of batch settlement payments
  • Type of merchant business
  • Type of card used for the transaction
  • Method of running the payment

Merchant Account Fee Variables

  • Junk fees such as statement fees
  • PCI compliance status
  • Processing fess
  • Surcharge fees

Understand Your Merchant
Account Statement

Understanding your merchant account statement is the first step toward reducing your fees. With BPS Merchants' free analysis of your statement, you can learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How do my fees compare to my competitors' fees?
  • Where can I reduce my credit processing fees?
  • Which fees are negotiable and which are not?
  • How do I know when I am paying too much in credit processing fees?
  • Can I reduce fees and remain with my current processor?

If you want a free, professional evaluation of your merchant account statement from the merchant processing solutions business that puts you first, send your statement to BPS Merchants. We can lower your payments and help you understand your statement for better control over your credit processing fees.

If we can't meet or beat your current offer we will pay you 500 dollars so give us a try you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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